Thursday, May 19, 2011

Progress Report on the Landscaping

When we bought our home in Utah last summer this flower bed by the front steps was a slope of dirt and weeds. We'll be moving soon and I won't get a chance to see how all of my hard work looks once it's had a chance to fill in, but I thought I'd show some photo updates.

How it looks now all terraced and with new perennial plants. The Alberta spruce is a dwarf variety that should only get to be about 5 ft tall. There is another set further back on the other side of the front steps as well. The carpet phlox in the upper portion should gently cascade over the top of the rocks
In progress last autumn. I hauled rocks from elsewhere on the property in to terrace the bed.

Hoping these flowers fill in nicely this summer. The purple and yellow flowers will complement the house color.

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  1. This garden will soon be so lush. So different from FL gardens. The Utah garden an Alpine, the FL one, the tropics! The best of both.