Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Items: tatted hearts

I've been meaning to design a pretty tatted heart motif for a while.  I've looked for patterns and was never satisfied with the ones available for a simple, small heart. This past week I finally got around to it and after much trial and error (see photo #3), I think I succeeded. I started with an open design, but then realized I wanted to stabilize it so added the traditional "cloverleaf" tatting design in the center.

Set of 3 tatted red heart motifs $4.50
Set of 3 tatted pink and white heart motifs $4.50
the ones that didn't work

Saturday, January 7, 2012


My son, Caleb, with his 2011 Santa ornament from Uncle Steven

In today's post I wanted to show off some wood carving done by my Dad and my brother.  They've been doing it for a while now and are getting pretty good. Every year my brother, Steve Cotton, carves my son a tree ornament for Christmas. Caleb has several now. The photo above is the latest. My dad, Glenn Cotton, carved the wooden cross pendants this year for us. I'm trying to decide what type of necklace cord I want on them. And the final item is a Santa wood cutter hauling home a Christmas tree. My brother carves a Santa of some sort for my mom every year and this is the one for this year. I keep trying to get my brother to open up an on-line shop for his carvings, but he's busy being the voice of the Thundering Herd for Marshall University.

Carved wooden cross pendants by my dad
Carved Santa the tree cutter by my brother Steven
detail of Santa the tree cutter
back of Santa the tree cutter