Saturday, May 31, 2014

Craft Fair Booth

Photos of my craft fair booth and new table covers.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Gardening Again

It's been three years since I have really done any gardening and longer still since I've done gardening on a scale large enough to produce much of anything other than a few herbs and flowers and the occasional tomato. Our frequent moves have not been conducive to planting a full scale garden. But our current rental house has a nice multi-level deck.  While we use the upper deck that is near the kitchen area for grilling, eating outside, feeding the birds and star gazing, we haven't used the lower deck--until now.  It is a nice, sunny spot with built in benches and has a nearby faucet and is therefore perfect for container gardening.

Over the years, the movers have managed to break almost all of my terra cotta pots, so I recently made a couple of trips to the garden center and hauled home large plastic containers and many bags of potting soil.

The tomatoes have already doubled in size in the last week.  I planted meslun lettuce mix seeds or nasturtiums around the tomatoes.  The lettuce seeds are sprouting already.
There is a mix of containers from what I had on hand, what the previous tenants left behind and the new ones I just purchased. I planted herb seeds in most of the pots.
The little cucumber is already growing like crazy. I planted only heirloom tomatoes and three types of peppers.
Basil and swiss chard seeds are already sprouting.  The others take longer to germinate.

Not pictured are three hanging planters with strawberry plants that my son asked for. Strawberries were the one thing he wanted to grow.

There is not much green showing yet, but hopefully I can post an update in a few weeks. But, let's be honest, I might just be growing squirrel food. They've already been through daily to dig in the dirt.