Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Household Tip: a little light

Small flashlights seem to multiply at our house. They are tucked away in junk drawers, nightstands, on keychains, in vehicles and camping gear. Yet, when the lights go out, we can't seem to find one in the dark.

Hammer a small nail into a wall in a convenient, yet out of the way, spot and hang the small flashlight. Many small flashlights have lanyards attached already or attach one or a piece of string.

Above: I attached a jewelry lanyard to this flashlight and hung it in the cupboard under the stairs. There is a light in that closet, but the closet turns a corner and the back of the "L" is always dark.

Above: This flashlight hangs in my garage just beside the door to the house. We don't have a basement, but if we did I'd hang on near the stairs. Utility rooms, tool sheds and pantries are also good places.


  1. What a great tip, Sue! We have a million flashlights in our home but can usually only find one or two at a

  2. This is a great tip, Sue! We do a similar thing with flashlights and lanterns because the power goes out so frequently here. I like your idea of having them hang from a nail -- very convenient! :)