Thursday, July 30, 2009

$39 necklace and earring sets EVERY DAY

When I lived in Asia and discovered how great the quality of freshwater pearls had become over decades of improvements in culturing them, how reasonable the price had become AND how absolutely exquiste they look against the skin, I wanted to bring that knowledge to others.

Freshwater pearls now come in many shapes, sizes and colors and are very affordable. Women can now own real pearls for same price as fake pearls cost twenty years ago and the quality is actually similar to pearls found in the crown jewels of kings and queens in centuries past! Really, don't get me started . . .

I try to keep a few pearl sets in stock at just $39 each. Above: 5-6mm peach colored freshwater button pearls professinally hand-knotted between each pearl by me on a double strand of silk thread. For extra durability, I cover the silk at the clasp with a tiny coil of metal wire (French wire) to keep the silk from rubbing against the metal of the clasp. Button pearls are often flat on one side or both and therefore give a nice full or lush look to a necklace. This peach color looks incredible on someone with warm peachy skin tones!

When I was traveling in China I purchased a set similar to the one above for myself and everyone kept asking me for it. I was able to get these large teardrop shaped pendants and earrings sets that are very high quality white freshwater pearls in sterling silver settings with a quality sterling chain and bring them to you for only $39. This is the perfect set to take along with you when you travel. It goes with everything!

This natural pink colored freshwater button pearl set is the same as the peach colored set above except for the fact that it looks wonderful on any woman of any skin tone. The natural pink is a warm pink with mauve irridescence and therefore flatters both warm and cool skin tones with it's depth of color. These sets have the added advantage of coming with a very handy, and pretty, magnetic clasp so they are even great for women who have trouble with tiny clasps.

I stock these in both my on-line store and my Etsy shop.

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  1. These are beautiful, Sue! I love to browse the beautiful things in your shop and I have at least 2 of your items on my wish list:). I already love pearls but you make them seem even more beautiful and romantic with your descriptions!