Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gift Bags / Pillow Cases ?

I love items that have multiple uses and are eco-friendly. I grew up in house where gift wrap was often made from a cereal box and the comics section of the newspaper. For years I have been using inexpensive fabrics to make my own re-usable gift bags. My family loves my gift bags too because they make it so fast and easy to wrap gifts and wrapping odd shaped items is no problem.

My son, Caleb had his 8th birthday party the other day. He picked fabric from my stash of oriental print cotton fabrics that I purchased when we lived in South Korea. I whipped up these travel size pillow cases that double as goodie bags for his party.

Each child took one of these home filled with some toys and goodies and they can use them again as gift bags or put a travel sized pillow inside for car trips or sleepovers. When I make bags that do not double as pillow cases, I sew satin ribbon right into the seam to use to tie the bag closed and sometimes also sew gussets into the bottom corners so the bag has a flat bottom.

These also worked well for when the kids broke open the pinatas my son made. There was plenty of room in the bags that the kids could stuff their candy treasures inside.

Above: These are the pinatas that my son made for his party. The small one is a Malayan tapir (Caleb's favorite animal). The spider was fun as a pinata as it lost an eye or a leg with every good whack, which the kids liked. It looked cool hanging from its string upside down.


  1. Those bags are awesome looking. And I'm just laughing up a storm about the kids whacking the pinata...I can totally see spider eyeballs flying all around. Hope he had a blast!

  2. The fabric gift bags are a great idea. So much prettier and eco-friendly than the paper ones. I always stop by the remnant bin at my local discount stores and pick up fabric that I use to make pillow covers for decorator pillows. Now I'll have a another project to try!
    Happy 8th Birthday, Caleb. Your pinatas are great looking and sounds like they were a lot of fun too! 8 is such a great age to be...enjoy it!