Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flower bed project update

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know we recently purchased a house that needs some TLC. I have already shown some photos of upcoming yard projects.  Here is an update on one that is nearly completed--the flower bed between the front porch steps and the house.

Before--just a slope of hard packed dirt

In progress--I dug out rocks from another part of the yard that were inexplicably just left in the grass to mow around for the last 17 years
In progress--my son enjoyed this project because I unearthed a lot of worms.  He's 9.

After--a retaining wall I made with the rocks to keep the whole thing from washing away. I added a lot of compost to improve the soil. I hauled the extra dirt away to fill washed out trenches in another part of the yard.

After--one little lonely dwarf Alberta spruce planted for now.  I have another to put on the other side of the steps when I get that dug up. I will plant some flowers next spring--or possibly put in some pansies soon.


  1. Wow Sue!

    You do great work - want to come to New Jersey?


  2. It looks so much better. How big will the spruce get? I love the retaining wall. Looks like hard, manual labor. Worms are good. They aerate the soil.

  3. The dwarf spruce should get no bigger than 5 ft tall. It's a type that also likes to be pruned so it should be fine close to the house. They grow very well here even in poor soil.

  4. Cute little spruce!! He is just waiting for friends. :) I enjoyed your post, Sue!!

  5. Impressive! Makes me think I should do more with mine - cutting the lawn once a week is about my limit!! Well done.