Monday, September 20, 2010

Featured Artist: Joy of JoyfulHandKnits

Joy and her husband Pat last spring on their 33rd wedding anniversary
I'd like to introduce you to Joy who is a team mate of mine on the Christian Artist Street Team on Etsy. Joy has a great Etsy shop called JoyfulHandKnits and I love to browse her latest handcrafted creations. Joy specializes in handknit cable beanies, ruffled scarves, socks (I can personally vouch for the socks ☺ ), little girl's ponchos and more.

Be sure and visit Joy's shop.  She's now taking custom order requests for Christmas and she's even looking into making special Christmas ornaments that are knitted--be sure and check back (if you can get them before I do).


  1. Thanks so much, Sue! It's strange to see a write-up about ME, when I've done so many Featured Artist postings on the CAST Team Blog all summer of OTHER people! LOL!

  2. Hi Joy - so happy to "meet" you in person! I LOVE your socks but I don't wear socks. :( Thinking about a pair for my daughter-maybe! I love your color combinations also.

    You and your husband are such a lovely couple!


  3. Nice feature! Those socks look SOOO cozy!!!