Thursday, April 22, 2010

NEW items! Dragonflies

What could be more enchanting than this beautiful copper and glass dragonfly that looks like it has come to rest? Jewel-like in real life, dragonflies have long been considered to be a fantastic motif for jewelry and hair ornaments.

I've been working on these for a while and it didn't come easy.  How to make little wire wrapped dragonflies that were functional, didn't look like any others and were pretty? I used up yards of copper wire working out the design and I'm finally happy with them.

Copper dragonfly hairpin

copper dragonfly pendant

These are copper, but I can make them in gold color wire for the same price or upgrade them to sterling silver or gold filled wire. 

And what did I do with all of my reject designs?  They're hanging around somewhere . . .

You can find these in both my on-line store and my Etsy shop.

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