Monday, April 26, 2010

NEW item

Not everything in my shop is handmade.  Sometimes I just run across nice items from my suppliers that I know my customers would like. That is why you'll find magnetic converter clasps, chains for pendants, donut bails and prayer boxes on my websites. Now I'd like to show you my newest convenience item:  jewelry polishing cloths.

Since I sell a lot of pearl jewelry, I needed a special cloth that would allow me to polish up the ear wires, clasps, chains and other tarnished components without damaging the delicate pearls. These are not impregnated with abrasive jewelers' "rouge." They are a soft, lint-free cloth with a a bit of a texture. They'll easily take off light tarnish from silver and fingerprints from gemstones.

The great thing about these is that you can wash and re-use. I'm selling them in sets of two so you can have one in your jewelry box and one in your travel kit--or give one to a friend.

$6.50 for two polishing cloths

Find these on-line in my Etsy shop or at Sue Runyon Designs.

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