Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homefront Team Contest

I am a member of the Homefront Team. We're a team of spouses of U.S. Military members who have shops on Etsy. We are currently having a "Bits and Pieces" challenge on Facebook to make items using mostly scraps of whatever materials we usually work with to create handmade items for our shops. This is my entry:

CAPSTONE memory wire bracelet made using all my "orphan" beads, misshapen pearls, oddly shaped gemstone beads and beads that just got away from me during a project and found later and didn't bother to put back. I think it turned out well despite, or perhaps because of, all it's imperfections.

To see all the entries click here and log-on to Facebook. To vote for your favorite, type "VOTE" in the comments section under that photo.

The winner will receive notice on the Homefront Blog and on the Homefront Facebook fan page.

And, yes, the bracelet is already sold, but I plan to make more that are somewhat similar soon!