Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've started taking a metalsmithing class to further my education on techniques for my designs. I'm not sure how much of it will make it's way into my jewelry line as the equipment is mostly very expensive and some of it is a bit scary and requires having a workshop space that's not easy to burn down. However, it is very interesting.

Copper ring after my first class. The strip of gold paper was what I used to measure my finger and I was given a flat strip of copper to begin with and had to solder it with a torch.

My ring after my second class all filed, sanded and buffed.

Next week I begin a project using a coping saw to cut out sheets of metal into a design and then will be using an overlay solder technique to sandwich pieces together. I'm thinking of doing a gingko leaf design.


  1. Sue!! What a special gift you are blessed with. The ring is beautiful. I love copper.


  2. AWESOME! And I really mean awe-some. I find metalsmithing to be a talent and skill that I really respect. Good luck in your class. I'm sure it'll be inspiring.

  3. Sue:

    How wonderful!!! If you buy the equipment the buyers will come! :O)