Monday, March 8, 2010

Stemware Charms now with gift canister

My popular stemware charms now come packaged in a convenient tin window canister which is perfect for gift giving and storing.

Stemware charms are a great idea to keep guests' glasses from being mixed up at parties (and they save you money and dish washing when guest don't abandon half-full glasses for fresh ones because they are not sure whose is whose), but so many of them are too feminine, too ornate or too hard to distinguish from one another in low lights.

These sets of a dozen charms are super simple and are a conversation starter at parties as guest pick the the charms that best fit their personalities. There are twelve different beads per set. Beads may vary from set to set depending on my current stock, but they will be twelve different beads in each set.

Generous one inch in diameter silver plated wires will ring slender stemware glasses such as water and wine goblets as well as some footed dessert and sundae bowls which make them great for kids' parties too. They can also be used on the handles of coffee mugs for brunches.

Priced right to keep on hand for gift giving. These make wonderful hostess gifts.



  1. Sue - Excellent, excellent post! your description and writing style is lovely and the photos great!

  2. I love the wine glass charms even more now that they have a storage canister! Nice post!

  3. I've never seen wine glass charms before - they are a good idea!

    Love Julie
    Silk N Style

  4. I love wine glass charms because I am forever leaving a glass around. I saw the other day that someone had used them on coffee and tea cups! Isn't that smart when you are serving from your china, you can have individual markers too. And just think... I bet Sue could custom make them to match your dishes...??