Friday, March 5, 2010

Foolish Friday

I confess that we don't have the most sophisticated senses of humor in my family. Knock knock jokes are always considered to be appropriate dinner table conversation at our house and we make up our own. With an arsenal of silly knock knock jokes you can attract a group of small children like bees to honey. I can hold the attention of an entire bus load of 2nd graders on a field trip for, well, . . . . minutes. That's SOMETHING.

So I thought I'd instigate a "Foolish Friday" feature with a new knock knock joke every week. Memorize them and you can be just as scintillating as I am.

Here is one my son Caleb and I made up:

Knock knock:
Who's there?
I am.
I am who?
Oh, you poor thing. You must have amnesia.

Caleb in Gongju South Korea 2006



  1. BRILLIANT SUE! LOL, as you know, I too have a very sophisticated sense of humor :o)

    Laughter is good medicine-thanks for the chuckle!

    xox, Daffy

  2. What fun!
    That one's great. We love knock, knock jokes in my family too. My favorite is this one:
    Me: I just heard a great knock, knock joke
    You: Really, what's that?
    Me: You start it...
    You: Knock,Knock
    Me: Who's there?
    You: Uh....??? Laughter
    I have told this over and over to the same people and if you wait long enough between times, they will fall for it again and again.
    It is good to not take life or ourselves too seriously.

  3. I definitely have to try that one on Caleb after school!

  4. To funny! My boys love knock-knock jokes!!!