Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Designs in Copper

The price of gold has hit an all time high this week and silver isn't far behind. Thankfully, copper is a great, affordable alternative. The manufacturers of jewelry components are realizing that designers need more options in copper and brass and are coming out with more gauges of wire, sizes of beads, charms and other findings for us to use.

I'm designing a new line of copper jewelry. Most pieces haven't been photographed yet, but I took a couple of quick snapshots of a few pieces to show you the coming attractions. There are many more.

Because copper wire is fairly inexpensive, I am able to play with and "waste" pieces trying new designs. I think you'll find my new copper designs to be more playful and casual. I've been using copper wire to hand-craft my own jump rings and to try new creative designs in ear wires and teardrop shaped hoops.

Copper is a beautiful metal that looks good on everyone. It has cool rosy undertones and a warm glow that will really spice up your autumn wardrobe and take you right into the winter holidays with its brightness.

And, yes, if you wear a piece for a long time it will oxidize and turn your skin where it touches harmlessly green, but that will wash right off. Copper develops a beautiful patina over time. Copper has been worn for many centuries because of its reputed healing properties especially in the case of arthritis and joint pain. Current studies do show that it has some small effect as an antioxidant, but wear it for it's beauty.


  1. They look really nice from what I can see! Hope they sell well at your show!

  2. Love your earrings, particularly the pearls on the leaf. Sweet.

  3. Copper has always been a favorite of mine =)