Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Craft Fair Booth

Yesterday I participated in my first official craft fair so I thought I'd show you my booth set-up.

We were limited to a 6'x6' space, which is pretty small. I used the 6 ft table they provided plus my own aluminum roll-out camping table and put them up on bed risers to raise the display 7" which is great for viewing jewelry closer to eye level. Next time I hope to have table covers that go all the way to the floor, but I do like the neutral grey of my velvet cloths.

Jewelry just doesn't sell if the light is poor so I invested in these "medusa head" lamps and fitted them with high definition Ott light bulbs for true color. I purchased white wire shelf risers to raise the lights and put my mirrors more at face level. These had the added advantage of providing extra well-lit space underneath the lights.

I was able to purchase second-hand, stacking jewelry trays which made set-up and take down much quicker and provided a nice display.

I used a digital photo frame slide show to display photos of my work on models, in other settings and also for displaying text. I have to say that it worked exactly as planned. The men were enthralled and the women ignored it. It gave the husbands something to do while the wives browsed.

The show was a valuable learning experience. Next time I will know to bring a dolly to help cart my items back and forth from my car, to put larger print on signage and to bring a higher stool instead of a low chair to use behind my raised tables.


  1. Sue:

    Your set up looks wonderful! The risers, displays and lighting were great additions! Your banner is very pretty!

    Well thought out!

    I agree about the dolly though, they are a must!

  2. Beautiful set up! I hope you did well.


  3. Sue, your setup is stunning...
    Nice work

  4. Sue, it's amazing!!! How beautiful and professional it all looked.

  5. Sue, this looks wonderful. I agree with the neutural table covers and displays. At a shop I used to work in, we would cover small boxes, with something inside to weight them, with etither the same of complementary cloth as the tablecover, then sit the display cards that are towaards the back of the table on them to raise them a little. Clear as mud?
    I like the digital frame idea, too!