Thursday, June 18, 2009

What colors will you be wearing this summer?

What color will you be wearing this summer? When you think of long, hot summer days what wardrobe and jewelry color pops into your mind first?

Do you gravitate toward those warm bright colors to reflect the season? Do you like to keep a cool countenance with sand, surf and sky tones? Are you a nature girl preferring forest greens and browns? Do you like a touch of the dramatic and opt for black? Or do you prefer classic, breezy white?

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  1. White and pink...always my summer faves!
    Well, and aqua blue too :o)

  2. LOL! I vote white and pink, too! And I didn't copy Daffy:)

  3. Well, at risk of sounding like a copy cat!! My fave summer colors are white, pink and pale aqua blue in the summer :)

  4. i love my bright colours, they suite my happy summer mood but then i also love white t-shirts with blue jeans, classic & also summery. I also have a large selection of dark coloured t-shirts, & grey stuff. So i have no clue which i go for. Plus i live in brown flip flops & green looks good on me. oh well i give up i vote for them all.

  5. Good to know you are so versatile, Laura! LOL

  6. My fav colors are pink and green...I also love a soft buttery yellow t-shirt with faded blue jeans and bare brown feet!


    Cool, surf, sand and sky colors got the most votes (I voted for that myself) followed by warm brights and other. I loved reading all of your comments.

    Based on comments, I think that truly the most popular would be white mixed with pastel shades. I should have thought of that . . . next year . . .