Friday, February 27, 2009

New Use for Jewelry Pouches

My friend, Tamara sent me this photo.  For quite a while she's been using a satin jewelry pouch that I sent her as a holder for her ipod.  She says it works great and many people have asked her about it.

Photo by Tamara Munger.  Used with permission.

I need to send her a new one . . . Tamara, I hope you like eggplant color because I only have one left!

I don't actually use these for my jewelry sales. I use a sheer organza pouch since I like to be able to see through mine so I know what's in all those little pouches in my jewelry box. But when I travelled to China and shopped at the Pearl Market in Beijing, they packed up my order and used these little, empty, satin pouches in all different colors instead of packing peanuts or tissue in my box. Most of them have been given away to little girls who find them to be quite charming and to bigger girls who find other uses for them. Thanks Tamara!

 My current jewelry packaging

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  1. Very nice pouch, and what a great idea! I still have mine in the plastic case it came in. Couldn't part with such a usable case!