Wednesday, February 18, 2009

About Earrings

I like to provide small services with my jewelry business that are unexpected and yet appreciated.

Some women have no trouble keeping hook earrings on and others do--mostly those who gesture and shake their heads while conversing. Earnuts are an easy way to protect your earrings. They are often difficult to find except from wholesalers so I'm offering them FREE with order if you request them.  Just type me a message in one of the "comment/gift message" boxes when you order any item from my website or in the "message to seller" if you order from my store.

My earrings are hand made. They have been handled and should be cleaned before use.

I'm now enclosing one of these little alcohol preps pictured above with earrings as a convenience to you. You should clean the metal ear wires, but avoid getting the alcohol on any pearls or gemstone beads.

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  1. I have to say Sue, that I just love your jewelry! You do such a fantastic job, keep it up, girl!