Saturday, January 21, 2017

New packaging. Same low price.

My business challenge for the month was to simplify my order packing routine and cut costs to allow me to keep first class postage rates the same low price for my customers despite the postage cost increase that begins tomorrow. I also wanted to make every package a customer receives extra special.

To that end you will now find:

* smaller stick on thermal printed shipping labels which allow for
* smaller padded envelopes to keep shipping weight low and
* no more packing tape
* gets your order packaged faster
* more recycled content
* half sheet size sales receipts to save on paper, ink and shipping weight
* the same complimentary jewelry packaging as always
* the same signature turquoise tissue paper with the addition of
* seasonal silver seals to make it special
* folding business card size guides when appropriate to your order

Priority postage rates will be increasing due to a larger postage rate increase.

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