Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My winter knitting project

I was looking for a simple knitting project that would teach me to knit basic twist cables and go quickly.  After searching on Pinterest, I came across a pattern by Jill Nault given in her blog post.

I liked this pattern due to the nice proportions of the cables, seed stitches and background.  I don't usually care for bulky yarns, but in this pattern the chunky yarn really makes the textures pop and gives the scarf edge a nice look. I think it's a nice classic looking scarf.

I'm not a quick knitter, but I did this in one weekend. The pattern is only 20 stitches across.

The simple cables are much easier to knit than they look.

I have chosen my next project which is a similar scarf except it is wider and has two rows of cables and popcorn stitches in between and will be in the chunky yarn instead of the super chunky yarn. Maybe one day I'll learn enough to knit an Aran sweater . . .

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