Monday, June 9, 2014

Gardening update

Three weeks ago I blogged about the container garden I had just started.  I just wanted to chime in with an update. 

We added some plant hangers under the upper deck to hang some more shade tolerant plants.  My Christmas cactus seems to like it.

The tiny cucumber, tomato and pepper plants from my last blog post have taken off.  I've never done very well growing peppers.  None of the three I planted seem to be nearly as exuberant as the other plants.

I under planted these two tomatoes with a mesclun lettuce mix and we'll enjoy a nice, very fresh salad with dinner tonight.

I planted many of the containers with herb seeds.  They have sprouted and are just now really getting going.

I also put in a simple compost bin
My son's one request was strawberries


  1. Looking great! I have a Christmas cactus too but it's out in the sun, hope it's ok out there,

    1. Christmas cactus like bright light, but direct sunlight can burn the leaves.

  2. I'm always burning/toasting plants when I put them on the patio for summer - had to move asparagus fern under a tree because of that. Your container garden looks great. I put the black plastic netting around my patio grape tomato plant so the deer cant get them before I do. Speaking of compost - I'm trying to find a small mfgd. one that you turn with a crank. Nada, so far.

  3. Your plants are looking good!

  4. All of your plants are looking wonderful. I really like the idea of having the Christmas cactus outside.

  5. It's absolutely beautiful and yummy!

  6. Everything looks great! We started an herb garden for the first time this year. I'm following you from the CAST team.

  7. They all look so great! Planting some herbs is on the list for my kids and I today and tomorrow.