Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What is your summer project?

For a change we are sticking close to home this summer.  So I thought I'd get out a big project that I've had planned for years and get to work on it. I'm scanning all our old print photos to digital.  This will also allow me to get rid of several shelves full of ring binder albums that are taking up space.
Me with my brothers 1969

My husband and his little sister
I expect this will take me months, if not years, to do. So far I've scanned all of my own photos and my husband's photos up to right before our wedding in 1989.  It's a trip down memory lane.

My husband, June 1968
Poor kitty
School I attended until 7th grade
What is your summer project?  Gardening? Landscaping? Organizing your recipe file? Garage sale? Cleaning out closets?  Leave a comment and let me know what it is.


  1. Oh boy, all of the above! My husband and I already started cleaning out the basement. I am on vacation right now but when I get home I am landscaping my yard...sprucing it up with all the ideas I've gotten from the beautiful place I am staying!

  2. loving all the old photos! My mom just started doing the same with all her childhood photographs. Hmmm since I returned from vacation I have been cleaning and organzing like crazy. I have also started in re decorating a bit. SInce I moved back with my parents last year my goal was to make the "guest room" more my own. I also am planning a to do a garage sale, work on some scrapbooking projects and try out some new summery recipes:)

  3. What a big project! I have lots of summer projects at the moment, including preparing for a garage sale, working on my Etsy shop, and perhaps my favorite- I planted a vegetable garden for the first time this year, which is fun and exciting! God bless!

  4. I will be attending my husband after he has hip replacement surgery, making sure he has plenty of delicious non-fattening food, gets every opportunity to rehabilitate. Some of my perennials have outrun their spaces so I will be making notes on what to do in the fall, as well as doing the usual: watering, tending the vegetable garden and weeding.

  5. I just completed a landscaping job that was long overdue. Having been "out of commission" for several summers, the gardens decided to go back to "wilderness" state. It's been hugely dry here this summer, therefore, our soil as also reverted back to the clay it started from. It's like digging in cement. Well, I located a stron, burly grandson who is out of work presently and engaged him to edge the two gardens I had my eye on (after a couple days of rain), then do the newspaper garden thing on them with a final topping of mulch. They look beautiful.

  6. I want to redo my kid's bathroom. I want to paint it another color, and get a new shower curtain.