Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Bride's Story . . .

Meet Kristine.  Though I work with many brides to design their bridal jewelry, I rarely see the wedding photos. This time I had the pleasure of attending the wedding and taking photos as the lovely bride is my niece.

Kristine planned an outdoor country club wedding with black satin bridesmaids' dresses and lemon and lime accent colors. Tables were beautifully decorated with black linen runners and real lemons and limes in clear vases with water.  Working with me, she chose Swarovski crystal heart pendants to accent all the jewelry. Her necklace set also contains sparkling sterling chain with white freshwater pearls and crystals. The bridesmaids are wearing glowing hand knotted lime green Swarovksi crystal pearls.

Hannah, Kristine and Morgan

We chose a "Y" shaped necklace and heart shaped pendant to compliment the sweetheart neckline of her dress

Bridal earrings with smaller matching Swarovski hearts. Bridemaid's earrings used the lime pearls instead of the white

Lime green Swarovski crystal pearls hand knotted by me

Each necklace has a matching Swarovski heart dangle at the clasp

Bridemaid's earrings used the lime pearls instead of the white

An everyday necklace set allows the bride to carry the memories of her special day any time she likes.

Earrings for the everyday set

Keepsake Christmas ornaments for the bridesmaids and close family members use the largest size of matching Swarovski hearts
Something blue anklet with clear Swarovski crystals and one little blue crystal

Pretty coral flowers decorate this necklace that I designed for the grandmother of the bride

I designed and wore this set to Kristine's wedding


  1. That so great to have a jeweler in the family! The photo's are lovely and so are your designs!

  2. How nice for you to see all your lovely creations worn on such a special occasion!

  3. Sue, I was speaking to a woman I know just this past weekend about selling her jewelry once I found out that she had made the earrings she was wearing. She says she wouldn't bother because too many people make jewelry and much of it is similar.

    Your's, however, is far from similar. It is truly exquisite and stand-alone. If I had extra money, I would request a necklace just like the coral flower one you made for the Grandmother.

    Honestly, Sue... "beautiful" does not seem appropriate enough to describe your work.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful jewelry! The design and the colors are gorgeous! And so is your neice!!

  5. Simply Breath taking! I love your work Sue!

  6. WOW!!! Looks like this was a beautiful wedding! So fun to see the wedding party wearing your designs. One of my favorites was your nieces Y shaped necklace with the heart shaped pendant. Just exquisite!!!! YOu do such beautiful work Sue!!

  7. Very nice! I love them all but I think my favorite is the one you made for yourself.
    The color is so pretty!

  8. Gorgeous, I bet it was a wonderful day for your family

  9. I love weddings! Thanks for sharing.

    I pray they have many happy years to come!

  10. Sue, these pieces are exquisite. So special. I know they will treasure each one.

  11. The wedding pictures make an awesome portfolio of your work............