Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Put your orders in early

My orders from today
This year there is a lot of emphasis on buying items made in your own country, buying local and buying handmade. All of these things support your economy better than buying mass produced items from other countries.

Remember, however, to buy early. The guy at the farmers market with the local honey will probably sell out early. Your local bookstore may not have time to re-order an out of stock book if you wait too long. And artisans from all over the country are more than happy to make custom items for you, but most cannot do it at the last moment. Quality handmade items take time.

I am blessed to be able to have on-line storefronts on my own website, on Etsy.com and on Artfire.com.  I know from experience over the last few years that me and my fellow artisans with on-line shops get a spate of last minute requests that we have to turn down. If you place your custom requests now you still have time for most of them to make some very special items for you.  If you wait another week or two you may miss out on some fabulous gifts.

And if you are unsure where to start finding incredible handmade items on-line, I know dozens of wonderful artisans I can direct you to.  Just ask!


  1. Great tips! I love the emphasis on buying local.

  2. I love seeing your orders all ready to ship. I get such a feeling of accomplishment when I've got a batch ready to mail:)

  3. perfect advice! Can't believe it's Dec.1- yikes!