Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Travel Tip

Now that airlines are charging checked bag fees, it's especially nice to have some items that do double duty. It's even better to have some items that have multiple uses to keep that carry-on bag nice and light and to solve some of your packing and travel problems.

This is one of my favorite travel tips. In summer, pack a lightweight pashmina or shawl. It can come in handy in many ways. I use mine as a light blanket on the airplane, as a shoulder and/or head covering when going into churches that require them, as a sarong at the beach or pool, to pull out and wrap around my shoulders when it cools off in the evenings. It also makes a nice accessory for evening wear if I place it backwards around my neck and let the ends drape down my back. Drizzle melted ice cream down your front?  Pull this out and cover it up.

The best thing is that even though it's a fairly large piece of fabric, it folds up small enough to fit into a standard size sandwich bag.  I just press the air out of the bag and it takes up very little space in my day pack and stays clean and snag free. It's so much lighter to carry around all day than a sweater or jacket.

I use this same tip in the winter, but just pack one that is a little heavier. It's makes a great scarf when folded in half length ways.

Try it!


  1. Love the colors in the pashmina! Great ideas Sue!

  2. thanks for the top...i love scarfs and pashmina's...i really want an indian SARI !!!

  3. this is awesome! now I am searching for a pashmina!