Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Career Day

Last week I had the privilege to participate in Career Day at my son's Elementary school.  I gave six 15 minute talks to groups of K-2nd Graders about a career in jewelry design. I emphasized that I use all my educational background right through college and beyond to do my job: math, computers, geography, writing, science, and more.

As always, the kids were a lot of fun and they wanted to touch everything.  I brought strands of pearls and gemstone beads for them to pass around. Since set up and take down time was limited I just brought a few items to display and was able to pull up my website on all the computers.

So, what kinds of questions do the little ones ask? The top two questions are: "How do you get the holes in the beads?" and "How do you make the gold?" They really got interested in finding out what their birthstones were and seeing if I had any of their birthstones with me (I did have a few).

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My demo time for jewelry design was in the afternoon. In the morning, I actually helped Master Castro of Air Force Taekwondo in North Las Vegas do a talk and demo on a Career in Taekwondo for 3rd - 5th Graders.

The kids really seemed to enjoy the demo and kept coming around all afternoon asking what happened to the Taekwondo people since we only did Taekwondo in the morning. We showed them some sparring, forms, self defense and kicks and answered a lot of questions. Some of the kids got a chance to try out some kicks too!

Every day since then I've had kids running up to me saying "Hey, aren't you that Kung Fu lady?"


  1. WOW Sue you are so brave to talk 6 times for 15 min each. Very cool ;)


  2. It was really 12, 15 minute talks--but Master Castro did most of the talking for the Taekwondo.

  3. Hey Kung Fu Lady!!! You should put that on your resume!

  4. Looks like a great day - what contrast in skills!

  5. LOL! Kung Fu Lady! so cute - :D thank you for sharing! (beautiful jewelry you are wearing by the way :D )

  6. I bet your son was so proud at having such an accomplished mom!!!!

  7. This was such an enjoyable post. It is really nice to get to know you on a personal level here. Thanks for sharing and beautiful choice of necklace to wear!