Monday, August 31, 2009

My new dress form

Today I drove down to an Industrial Complex near the Las Vegas Strip to a mannequin warehouse. I wanted to pick out something on which to photograph necklaces.

I have been using a necklace bust to show how necklaces drape. Necklace busts work OK for this, but they fail to give an accurate sense of scale in a photo as they come in many sizes (see photo below). I try very hard to let my customers know everything about a piece when they buy online and cannot try something on in person. A good photo is almost always the best way to convey information.

I was pretty sure that I wanted a dress form rather than a mannequin. I think it makes it easier for a woman to imagine herself wearing a piece if it is displayed on a form that doesn't look like any specific person. I will be able to dress the form to show how a certain necklace looks with a neckline or collar.

I was pleased to find that they had this one store sample that didn't match the rest of their inventory that they would sell at a discount. It meets my needs better than the ones they stock because it has more of a shoulder to help in showing scale accurately and because it's a normal size 8/10 instead of smaller like the others. It also has a removeable cover so that I can make a different cover if I like. Most others have a cover that is glued on. I am quite pleased with her.

Now I get to play with lighting and backdrops, clothing and drapes. I think I may call her Esme. Look for her in future photographs from Sue Runyon Designs.


  1. Welcome Esme! Nice to meet you - I hope bring Sue LOADS of sales! :O)

  2. OOPS:

    "I hope YOU bring Sue LOADS of sales!"

  3. OMG!! Necklace is looking adorable!! I love to wear this kind of unique jewelry sets!!

  4. Saw this post and was just wondering if we were the ones that sold you the mannequin? I work for Las Vegas Mannequins and we are close to the stip. BTW the photos look really good with the mannequin. thanks. -Mike

  5. Yes, I did buy the dress form from Las Vegas Mannequins.