Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Overrun with Origami

My son, Caleb, who is only seven, developed an interest in origami a few months ago. It has become his latest obsession. My house is now covered in paper airplanes and other, increasingly elaborate, origami creations. I got him a ream of recycled copy paper for Christmas and he's working his way through it at an alarming rate. I don't even usually have to help him. He can figure out the complex origami instructions from books better than I can. He's too impatient to make the folds very sharp, but he sure loves his origami.

Caleb's desk with his creations for one week.

Frog origami that actually jumps when you press on it's back

Flying box and diamond shape

blue lobster

photos used with permission of the artist ☺

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  1. So funny, so cute, thank you for the laugh! Origami...who would have thought? :)